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Trump’s visit to India, Steering the Blob


02/25/20 – Donald Trump has gone to India and done what he has always said he was going to do for America. He made a deal. He made a few. Or, perhaps, more correctly, many deals have been made with his blessing. More than that he has launched a commercial direction that will almost certainly put a serious challenge to the secretive Pakistan-centric STATE betrayal of America. US foreign policy leadership at STATE and CIA is locked in deadly tension with the White House for its’ stock portfolios, grants, career paths and lines of patronage anchored in an arms trade with Pakistan that goes back to the late 1940’s. It’s a boatload of corruption and Donald Trump has just fired a salvo of torpedos at it in the form of trade deals for exactly that sector of American industry that has been stepping up to the trough for Pakistani K street deals and kickbacks. At a glance, the value of investment in the Indian economy over the Pakistani economy is a vastly superior investment. The implications for South Asia are seismic. They are for America as well. Trump is commanding foreign policy through trade policy. In the space of this article, jezail.org will only touch on some limited aspects that immediately jump out at us.

As jezail.org has pointed out many times before, Pakistan has always been a much under estimated problem in American foreign policy and domestic politics. Pakistan’s footprint in America has always been most discreet but it has a history of meddling in American politics that is certainly far greater than the Russian “interference” we read and hear about. Time and again, there have been investigations and indictments with no real result. India has always been a possible counter balance. Now Mr. Trump has made it real. He’s grabbed the tiller of foreign policy and steered it as no American president has in many years. Jezail.org has never been afraid to criticize Mr. Trump and we are not MAGA hat bobble heads. But we are most impressed with the Indian policy steer by Mr. Trump.

This has not just been a feat of deal making. It has also been a master stroke of diplomacy. India and the US have areas of significant tension. With the exception of the S400 missile deal, almost all of them revolve around Pakistan. However, Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Modi have delicately walked around very pointed press questions concerning America’s relationship with Pakistan. From the start, it has been the invisible 800 lb. gorilla in the room. Both have been very careful to tiptoe around Kashmir. There was no mention of the riots in Delhi. Both leaders apparently have had the mutual realization that there was much that would be wise to leave unsaid and spun the questions into mutual praise and confidence. This is real diplomacy. In contrast to STATE’s checkbook diplomacy, delicate straddling of issues is what is much needed in American diplomatic maneuvering in South Asia. Mr. Trump has been uncharacteristically deft in his remarks. It is a real strength of diplomacy to be able to straddle tensions and make deals. Mr. Trump has confounded his American critics and hit one out of the ball park.

The timing of this is nothing short of courageous. Trump is beginning to build up a much needed momentum against his Democrat rival, likely Bernie Sanders. If Sanders wins the nomination, it will be the first election that has the appearance of providing a real choice for some time. Sanders is clearly building up a momentum of his own. The voter turnout will be heavy. Many on the Republican side of the aisle are willing to coast to a victory but it would be exactly the mistake the Clinton campaign made in the last election. Mr. Trump knows this. He has already been making appearances at rallies across America. He took a break on campaigning to seal the Indian deals that are worth an estimated $142 billion and could double in one year. While there is more work to be done, what has been accomplished has been most impressive. The deals are not strictly military. They are also for oil, gas and a $2 billion dollar deal for coal. Coal means jobs in Democrat held West Virginia. The possibility of the deal value doubling in a short time is not hard to imagine as America’s relationship with China sours and Chinese wages rise. Moreover, this is a transactional relationship, not one of dependency as so many of imperial America’s relationships are. This is a huge accomplishment of substance that starkly contrasts the empty rhetoric of Mr. Trump’s rivals. this really is a done deal.

It is interesting to note that a number of news organizations have released recent videos claiming that no deal has been struck. These are clearly disingenuous reports. They contradict what both Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump have said.  Mr. Trump didn’t simply show up in India and make a deal. Rather, he sealed the deals on already growing trade between the US and India. There are sticking points in a complex relationship but the pace of trade deals between India and the US has been picking up dramatically. Boeing has been making deals and has set up a Bengaluru design campus in India. India’s long over due need to modernize its’ military has inspired advanced deals and built facilities to build parts for a wide variety of aircraft and data analytics programs. So not only are they buying products from the US, they are manufacturing parts for US supply chains. Already sold mounted howitzers, apache, MH-60, and Chinook helicopters, P8 aircraft and F18 Hornets as well as civilian aircraft all contradict reports that a deal has not been made. It doesn’t matter that both leaders have repeatedly contradicted these false reports. What this disinformation does signal is that Mr. Trump’s adversaries are terrified of the implications of this achievement. We’ve seen that before haven’t we?

A deal has been made. Actually, many deals have been made. It is a watershed and you’re not likely to hear much positive about it in MSM.

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