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Tucker Carlson unleashes severe criticism of US Intel Community


Tucker Carlson is not known for being a timid newsman at any time. But recently, as the massive exposure effort that is being cast across the Western world as “Donald Trump’s impeachment process” gains traction, the globalist elite is being forced out of the woodwork, and their fury is backed by great power due to the positions many of these people hold. Tucker Carlson is not backing down to this any more than President Trump is; in fact, he is calling the elites out as they show themselves.

Take a look:

As we hear (and for those of you who have no time to watch this video right now, make time to see it later; it is that good), Tucker is unsparing in his criticism of the American intelligence “community” not over just recent years, but over decades.

In more recent decades since WWII, the forces most prevalent in these agencies seem dedicated to an ideology more than reality, finding cause for war, murder, sanctions and various other ways to inflict power against those deemed (rather arbitrarily at times) to be “a threat to American interests.”


While America’s policy of isolationism before World Wars I and II (especially) suffered criticism rightly for not being “a part of the world” to help stop the advance of real evil in the personage of Adolf Hitler and his Nazis with their Aryan ideological aims, the present moves are even more worthy of criticism because they portray the US as actually quite thuggish. In this view, the murder of Muammar Qaddhafi without a trial, and even the murder of Saddam Hussein (probably an attempt to protect the reputation of American intel and the narrative, taking to the grave a man who was at one point, a cooperating partner with the United States). The same is true in the case of Osama bin Laden, who should have faced trial instead of just being shot once captured, for he was also a partner of American CIA-led anti-Soviet efforts in Afghanistan.

Tucker’s report points at some of this, and we point out a little more. It ought to raise some real questions:

  • What is it about American policy that invites these “allies” to turn against us?
  • What is it we faithfully just accept from our mainstream media as true, and how does it square with reality?
  • Why is the exposure of reality so alarming to the “ruling class” in American and other Western nations?

Now of course, for many of The Duran readers, these are not new questions. Most of our analyses, especially our video discussions with Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris and Editor Alex Christoforou discuss questions like these at great length.

But the significance of what Tucker is doing is that he is one of a very few mainstream media newsmen who is actually telling an American audience a great deal of what so many of us already know. And, he is saying it to this American audience that is often largely ignorant of reality.

For readers who do not live in the United States, this may be a little difficult to comprehend. The experience of living in American under its media umbrella is that of a propaganda dissemination feat par excellence, with an almost perfect “blanket” of acceptable ideology and viewpoints. What keeps many Americans obedient to the faith, so to speak, is the trope of “democracy, free speech and a free media” which are terms deeply embedded into the monologues of most broadcasters. Add to that a general state of ignorance of the reality of the world beyond the American borders (very few Americans travel abroad, and even fewer to spend serious time in countries like Russia or China), so the distance of these other places adds to the level of ignorance of our people.

We are led to think that we are free, that our press is honest, and that our view of the world is correct and in every rational person’s best interest.

This is not to say that Americans are stupid. They (we) aren’t. But we have become quite secure in our own country’s prosperity and extremely self-sufficient. The recent efforts to remove any sense of reliance upon the Creator have been buoyed by the comforts of life that seem to need no God to explain them. Decadence leads to torpor, and torport, to vitriolic resistance when the truth is exposed, because it messes our neat little framework up.

Tucker Carlson considers himself a liberal. Yet, what he considers “liberal” matches what conservative, nationalist, populist Americans hold as their point of view. These people are interested in learning the truth.

As the uncovering of VP Joe Biden’s corrupt relationships with China and Ukraine continue to surface, as President Trump uses “Ukrainegate” to pry open and expose the breadth and reach of globalism. his efforts appear to be doing abroad what his “Twitter storms” do to the American media and the public at large: information is brought out and exposed to everyone. This new effort is taking place on a global scale, so it is absolutely no wonder that George Soros is now speaking out, Biden is talking tough, Mitt Romney is showing his true allegiance to globalist elitism, the faux conservative Republicans are lining themselves up to support the impeachment of this “abomination” to their dreams.

And so it goes.

As Tucker notes in his video, Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer noted that the US intel community has “six ways from Sunday” to get you if you cross them. Trump crossed them and continues to do so, very publicly, and in reality, the public are both his fans and his cover. Trump is likely banking on the notion that there are more of us than there are of you, and that the will of at least half of the American people is resolute and will not stand for any more deception.

The challenge is to see how far the President and his allies can take this, if they will do it in even the most politically inconvenient situations (my guess is that they will probably do so), and honestly, if the globalist elite and allied forces will be beaten back, or if they will make more definitive steps to eliminate President Trump.

An earlier piece published here noted that as of early 2019, there had been something like 12 assassination attempts already tried against the president, one of the most spooky being orchestrated or known about by Nancy Pelosi herself (read about this here).

This is the new American Civil War. It has not come to the general population yet, but it is here to stay. The genie is out of the bottle and now we have to watch, wait, and honestly, we have to pray.

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