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Tucker: Ukraine’s Borders are vital for US, but US Borders aren’t


Donald Trump was elected on a platform of normalizing relations with Russia, but “getting along” with Russia “is a crime” for US foreign policy, Tucker Carlson said Wednesday night [November 13th] on Fox News. Carlson showed footage of George Kent from Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, in which the man said “our national interest” requires “a Ukraine whole, free, and at peace, including Crimea and Donbass, territories currently occupied by Russia.”


Carlson warned his viewers to be patient. “You need to get a pen, this is getting complex but this is important […] The territorial integrity of Ukraine is essential to America’s national interests but our own borders mean nothing. Defending them is racist and immoral.”

Tucker went on to dismiss the Russia threat narrative as a hoax, as if the Soviet Union were still around and kicking. He went on to say that Russia’s economy is the size of Italy, that its military budget is 1/10th of the USA’s, and that its sole aircraft carrier needs to be towed along the ocean because it’s broken. I have an observation to make here. Can you imagine the magnitude of Anti-Russian propaganda far and wide, if the Kremlin was actually trying to match the USA’s war, ah, pardon, defence budget? Heaven have mercy…

Carlson concluded, “If we’re really being honest here, Russia poses no threat to the United States at all.” He also played audio of Trump criticizing disproportionate US involvement in Ukraine, and the fact that no regional state actor from NATO is involved there.

Shame on all so-called progressives who support this impeachment process, motivated only to cover up the previous administration’s skeletons, plus the desire to get in a new president who will make fewer waves against Deep State foreign and domestic policy.

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