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Tucker: We were all lied to about the Coronavirus pandemic [Video]


Tucker Carlson delivered another scathing review of the state of affairs in the United States, with liberal governments actually showing themselves as more and more culpable in the deaths of people precisely because of the coronavirus lockdowns, which were touted as life-saving. His monologue, a ten-minute, absolutely packed commentary, delivered the strongest blow yet to the latest coup attempt in progress. However, he is not saying anything we did not already sense or know. For example:

We sense that this pandemic is far, far less than advertised. While the numbers of cases continue to grow worldwide, the fatality rate is very low, more analogous to a bad flu year but only in some locales. As of June 11th, 2020 the John Hopkins COVID tracking site gives these selected statistics:

  • USA: 2,000,464 cases; 112,924 fatalities; Fatality rate 5.64%
  • Brazil: 772.,416 cases; 39,680 fatalities; Fatality rate 5.13%
  • Russia: 493,023 cases; 6,350 fatalities; Fatality rate 1.28%
  • United Kingdom: 291,588 cases; 41,213 fatalities; Fatality rate 14.13%
  • India: 276,583 cases; 7,745 fatalities; Fatality rate 2.80%
  • France: 192068 cases; 29,322 fatalities; Fatality rate 15.267%

The aggregate of coronavirus cases worldwide gives us:

  • 7,360,239 cases; 416,201 fatalities; Fatality rate 5.65%

For comparison, the seasonal flu kills between 290,000 and 650,000 people per year. 

It should be noted that the cases discovered by medical testing are far lower than the asyptomatic “positives” that exist, as well as a great number of people who contracted the virus, got sick from it, recovered from it, while never knowing they had it. We do not know how many there are, but some tests and my own independent analyses suggest that about 20% of the population has had a direct encounter with this virus in some way.

Think about it: We locked down most of the planet, shutting down economies, most activity, religious activities and are arresting people because of the coronavirus – something that appears to be no more deadly than the yearly influenza outbreak, and possibly less so.

Some very skilled people threw the world into a panic. Wanting to trust that our authorities had our own best interests at heart, we let them do this. But the narrative was broken when the (planned) Antifa, a.k.a. “George Floyd” riots began, for this was the power play, the biggest one yet, to try to stop President Trump and presumably other leaders who are the vanguard of the new nationalist age that is steadily pushing out “one world” globalism of the European, Chinese and Islamic varieties.

At the top of the list the goal has been to behead the United States, due to its enormous influence in the world. The US is key because of its great power. If the US can be led captive to one world globalism, then secular globalism’s  success is all but assured. That is why the attacks against President Trump are so severe, with little effort being expended against Russia’s Vladimir Putin (because Russia, despite its great military power, is a minor economic power, with its oil resources being one of the few cards it plays), or against Chinese President Xi (who like the Chinese Communist Party, views China as the supplier of goods to the whole world, which it largely is.) Like it or not, what the Americans do matters in the world, greatly. This means that if the US is controlled then most of the job is done.

President Trump knows it, too. In an interesting and very amusing development, his team observed the great numbers of Black Lives Matter / Antifa riots over the last ten days or so. These people are not following any of the health wonks’ directions “to stay safe from the virus”, and the coronavirus tracking page shows a steadily declining rate of new cases of the virus, so the Trump team decided to resume the wildly successful and popular “Make America Great Again / Keep America Great” rallies.

This is a big “screw you” to the WHO, and to the esteemed probable co-conspirator Dr Anthony Fauci, who is being rendered more and more irrelevant, even as he continues to be the Chief Doomcrier.

It would appear that Americans are coming to realize they have been had, and Tucker Carlson is amazing as he shows us how badly we have been had, and says in his last words a great truth:

“They did it because we let them do it. We believed them, so we obeyed them. If there is anything good that comes out of this disaster, it is that none of us will ever make that mistake again.”


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