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Tulsi Gabbard vs Pete Buttigieg


A week old thing, but I thought readers of The Duran might like it.

Tulsi Gabbard vs Pete Buttigieg in the latest Dem debate.

Tulsi nailed Buttigieg for saying he’d send US troops over in Mexico to “fight” the cartels. Clean-face Pete argued a strawman, saying “You think anyone supports the US invading Mexico?” Then he attacked Gabbard for meeting with Assad, a “murderous dictator.” The crowd applauded and cheered in typical dumb herd mentality. Gabbard retorted pertinently enough and won the argument.

Personally, I think nice language is used too much on the tele. I’d prefer some real frowns, some curse words, and shouting based on real issues and real indignation. Also, in parliament, I’d like to see MPs throwing punches and kicks, people wrestling with each other for what they believe in. That would be real democracy in action. No rigging. No political whoring around. Elected representatives in de facto opposition.

Anyway, the mainstream media continues to paint everything Gabbard says on foreign policy as Kremlin speech. They police her tone, her expressions, but they never honestly combat her policy views. Russiagater Michael Moore is no exception. He’s in league with the MSNBC smear campaign against Tulsi and the pro-regime change operation in Syria. I also think Dore was way too soft on Moore’s bs. Simply saying, “shame on you” is weak… But kudos to Jimmy for calling out the “brutal dictator Assad” talking point as pure nonsense.

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