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‘Twisted the words’: NYPD hits back at de Blasio over murder victim Tessa Majors and marijuana enforcement



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Sergeants Benevolent Association clashed over the murder of 18-year-old Tessa Majors.

On Sunday, Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins claimed that Majors, who was found stabbed to death in a New York City park, was looking to buy marijuana when she was killed. He claimed the only link between Majors and the 13-year-old arrested in connection to her murder was marijuana.

“What I am understanding is that [Majors] was in the park to buy marijuana,” Mullins said, later adding, “We have a common denominator: marijuana. If you think about that, we don’t enforce marijuana laws anymore. We are basically hands-off on the enforcement of marijuana.”

His remarks shocked some, including members of her family, who found the remarks to be an attempt to blame the victim.

“The remarks by Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins we find deeply inappropriate, as they intentionally or unintentionally direct blame onto Tess, a young woman, for her own murder.”

They added, “We would ask Mr. Mullins not to engage in such irresponsible public speculation, just as the NYPD asked our family not to comment as it conducts the investigation.”

De Blasio issued a similar statement about Mullins’s remarks, tweeting, “Think of Tessa’s parents, her friends. This is heartless. It’s infuriating,” de Blasio tweeted. “We don’t shame victims in this city.”

The police union did not appreciate de Blasio’s condemnation. In a statement posted to Twitter, the union blamed the mayor for the city’s crime.

“Heartless is you allowing lawlessness to run the city of NY. You’ve weaken the NYPD. This young lady should still be alive. Tell the TRUTH Bill. Tell New Yorkers what really happens in the streets of NYC. This girl was an innocent victim. YOU have created chaos,” the tweet said. “Tell the truth!”

In another tweet, the union added, “The girl is a victim plain and simple, NYC is becoming a cesspool thanks to the Mayor. Shame on DeBlasio.”

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