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U.S. Citizens Won’t Fund DNC So They Are Fundraising In Mexico Instead


The DNC is a party of losers that are so out of touch with U.S. citizens residing within the United States that they are hosting fundraisers in foreign countries, which also affords them the opportunity to circumvent FEC regulations. It’s not like they could even win any election fairly since they have no message other than hate.

The DNC this election cycle has failed to raise even a fraction of what the RNC has for the upcoming presidential elections. It is obvious why they can’t raise money but what is less obvious is HOW they may be intending to circumvent FEC laws. Exclusive to lauraloomer.us, we found out WHY they chose to fundraise in Mexico.

There are two reasons the DNC can’t raise money the old fashioned way. Firstly, there are no serious contenders:

  • Kamala Harris – Lies, Wants to reverse Tax Cuts, Wants to Increase taxes
  • Corey Booker – Wants to Make America Vegan
  • Joe Biden – Can’t remember what year he is in – Memory is crucial for POTUS; Had a part in the criminal attempt to usurp our democracy; Creepy in front of cameras (Just imagine what he does behind closed doors) Ukrainian and Chinese collusion etc.
  • Pete Buttigieg -“Vote for me because I am gay” – His city is in shambles imagine what he would do to our country as POTUS
  • Marianne – Kittens, Unicorns, Yoga and Ministry of Peace (Cult?)
  • Andrew Yang – Ideas are good BUT for 2032 when tech plays catch up & he pretends to be a “lefty”
  • Other candidates – Don’t even deserve a mention because it’s sad, not funny and it would just be mean to do so.

Secondly, their REAL voter base consists of BIG TECH and unemployed basement dwellers. There is ONLY so much money Big Tech can funnel into their campaign without a party name change to Silicon Valley Party, Party of California or Alphabet Party.

The DNC can no longer launder money as they may have in the past. No more flying out planes of cash or using has-been performers like Pras Michel (from the hip-hop group The Fugees) to launder it for them. No more using NGOs or offshore accounts and fake names to donate considerable amounts of money, so they must do the next best thing. They have decided to host a fundraiser in a FOREIGN country.

At first glance, that definitely sounds illegal. Foreign campaign contributions are illegal. Remarkably, the party who orchestrated the foreign government “Collusion Delusion” is acting in ways to imply that THEY are colluding with foreign governments. The chairman of the DNC is hosting 3 separate events in Mexico City, Mexico.

The DNC is claiming to want to for the first time EVER to tap into the American expatriate (EXPATS) community in Mexico City. Their website has opened registration but the events are exclusively for U.S. citizens and permanent US residents (that are not eligible to vote but are allowed to contribute to campaigns). Permanent Residents of the USA that reside in Mexico, sounds legit. To register passport and or Permanent Alien Registration numbers must be provided to prove their identity and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status (even though they live in Mexico?).

This registration method was done for one reason only – to demonstrate compliance with FEC regulations. However, we uncovered the real reason behind this venture which is evidently a last ditch effort to raise money.

There was a 2013 report from the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of Inspector General (OIG), that determined that SSA had been paying benefits to dead people and in many instances, to people that have been dead for more than 20 years!

The report revealed an undisclosed investigation into the SSA paying benefits to deceased citizens living abroad was examined. Exclusive to LauraLoomer.us we discovered that 99% of benefit recipients residing abroad were over the age of 90 and some indicating ages older than 110!

This means that U.S. citizens abroad can be paid social security benefits indefinitely and even beyond their death because they rely on the family to submit death certification.

In Mexico if a US Citizen dies, their death is not reported to the US Government automatically unless the deceased is not a dual citizen and or claimed by family. In other words, if a dual citizen dies in Mexico the US wouldn’t know that unless it was reported by their family.

Jorge B. Instructor of Transnational protocols for Department of Interior Mexico

What are the odds that many U.S. citizens that register for any of these events are already dead and their families in Mexico are still collecting benefits on their behalf?

We reached out to our exclusive sources that confirmed that the AVERAGE age for high priced tickets is 71, which is a strong indicator that the demographic are all Social Security recipients. What a coincidence!

Notably, banking information of Mexican citizens (even if they hold dual citizenship with the USA) is NOT shared with the IRS or banking institutions unless an extradition order has been filed or if it pertains to a criminal case of cross-border concern.

Could it be that the DNC is looking to “launder” money as they have in the past by using the U.S. government’s blind spot, since their usual avenues have been blocked by laws, regulations and pending sealed indictments?

In this never publicized section of the OIG report, classified under “Presidential Files” of the Obama Administration, there was also an indication that there may be “improper” payments to people using Social Security numbers fraudulently. However, this was never substantiated through any thorough investigation, but instead, simply raised the concerns that it could be happening.

Ever since President Trump took office, both high profile and not so high profile individuals have been caught laundering money into the DNC through various methods and various international transactions. In fact, two days ago a complaint was filed by a San Diego constituent wherein she is suing her councilman Todd Gloria for using her donations from his City Council re-election campaign to pay for his now-mayoral run.

Now that Planned Parenthood, (who used federal tax payer dollars to fund the DNC upwards of $30 Million) is broke, the Democratic National Committee is becoming more creative on how to funnel funds into their coffers.

We observe a growing trend of LAW FIRMS that have multinational corporations and FOREIGN nations as clients dumping heavy lumps of cash into the DNC and democratic candidate accounts on BEHALF of individuals.

For example, Kamala Harris has received over $160,000 from law firm PAUL WEISS, which has VERY STRONG ties with China and Muslim Brotherhood nations as well as long standing individual clients such as foreign nefarious investor, George Soros.

It seems that the Democrats have moved their efforts offshore to Mexico since Mexico’s government can be “complicit” for the right price. After all, El Chapo did buy off the President of Mexico for $100 MIL and Hollywood sent Sean Penn to interview El Chapo when El Chapo was on the run from the whole world (aiding and abetting much?).

International Criminals on the run give their hide out info to Hollywood?

Paul Weiss may want to see how Robert Bauer and Perkins Coie are doing after getting busted fronting money for “individuals” during the 2016 Presidential campaign and helping fund the Fake Dossier.

We maintain sources within the actual committee setting this up that has been and will be providing us all the details before, during and after the event takes place. If we have eyes in there, it’s most definite that the Trump administration’s DOJ does too.

Imagine being such a party of losers that you have to use dead people’s identities to fund your campaign with foreign money because the citizens of your own country won’t. That’s SAD.

Tore is a nationally syndicated talk radio host that airs live M-F 12-2PM EST on Red State Talk Radio and a contributor for LauraLoomer.US.

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