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Unfit To Print Episode 23: CNN Posts Abysmal Ratings For 7-Hour Climate Town Hall


CNN spent seven hours this week with the Democratic presidential candidates, lecturing the American people about plastic straws, hamburgers, and airplanes.

The ratings from the climate change town hall proved that people weren’t interested in the climate alarmism promoted by the network. On this week’s episode of “Unfit to Print,” host Amber Athey explains the hypocrisy behind the town hall and why it failed so miserably. (RELATED: Fox News And MSNBC’s Regular Programming Beat CNN’s Climate Change Town Hall In TV Ratings)


Also this week, Bloomberg Law reporter Benjamin Penn shot himself in the foot when he tried to destroy Department of Labor employee Leif Olson. Penn falsely accused Olson of anti-Semitism, and then critics found out that Penn once tweeted out a stereotype about black people.


Finally, CNN lost their minds over “Sharpiegate,” accusing President Donald Trump of committing a felony by altering a national weather map. However, they apparently didn’t notice that their own producers mislabeled a weather map, mistakenly marking Alabama as Mississippi.


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