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Urban Meyer Using ‘Winners And Losers’ Drill To Decide Roster Cuts


Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer is using a tally of one-on-one drills to as a determining factor in his roster cut decisions, according to a report from ESPN Wednesday.

The drills, dubbed “Winners and Losers,” included exercises like blocking. The winners are announced over the practice field loudspeakers, and a running tally of wins and losses are kept, ESPN reported.

Urban Meyer to use Winners and Losers to help determine Jaguars’ cuts https://t.co/wGogGAxiSR

— Michael DiRocco (@ESPNdirocco) August 4, 2021

Meyer began using the program in 2006, when he was the head coach at the University of Florida. He took it with him to Ohio State when he became head coach in 2012. It was used to determine playing time, but in the NFL, it will be used to determine who stays on the roster. (RELATED: Urban Meyer Says Tim Tebow Struggles Naturally Catching The Ball During Live Plays)

“A big roster’s going to go to a smaller roster,” Meyer said. “And I think to be fair to players… this is a way guys make a living… I don’t believe in subjectivity. I believe in, what’s your record?”

Meyer said that “potential” is not enough. He also pointed out that often times throughout his career, there were players who “maybe they’re a little slow, but they never lose.” He said that he was using the drills to create opportunities for players to stand out.

“There’s one way to do it, and that’s scrimmage forever, and you can’t do that,” he said. “But you can create scenarios where it’s one-on-one, and then everybody’s gotta score. What’s your record?”


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