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Vaccine Mandates being tested across the world – and people are RESISTING! [Video]


A lot of people I personally know have been down with COVID-19. At least one has died, and it is somewhat amazing to consider that so many people I know have come down with the Koof and so many others have been untouched by it. I know a lot of others who have never been touched by it; our whole church community was exposed to the virus because one friend had it and went to Church (and we were in very close quarters!)

No one got sick from her.

I wish there were a way to do tracing on this to see who is getting it and why, and who is not getting it and why. However, in a free society, no one is likely to give their information enough to fill in the datapoints and to actually see how this thing moves through the population.

Finally, Delta is on the decrease in the Russian Federation where I live, and a recent piece shows that the QR code rule for dining appears to have been rescinded, though the piece also is honest enough to provide a total giveaway for why this is so (emphasised for your viewing pleasure):

The successful course of vaccination allows them to be canceled, the mayor’s office said.

The mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin announced the cancellation of the QR code system .

In Moscow, the QR code system is canceled, since most of the Moscow companies managed to vaccinate 60% of employees on time, explained the interlocutors of RBC in the mayor’s office.

Over the past month, more than two million people have been vaccinated against Covid-19, Sobyanin said. According to him, the task of stimulating vaccination has been completed thanks to Moscow restaurateurs.

In Moscow, cafes and restaurants will be allowed to work at night. From the same day in the capital, they will be allowed to visit children’s playrooms and hold events in nightclubs, bars, discos, and karaoke.

The Moscow region will also cancel QR codes from July 19 .

This is due to the upcoming elections to the State Duma, said an interlocutor of Open Media in the federal government apparatus. According to him, voters should not associate the authorities with bans and restrictions.

Codes began to be issued on June 25, and the system itself started working on June 28. Only those [people who were] vaccinated, [recovered] or with a negative test for Covid-19 were allowed to enter Moscow cafes and restaurants through it. Moscow residents shared photos of empty cafes and restaurants on social networks. People without QR codes were not allowed inside – they were offered to buy takeaway food and drinks.

Sales in Moscow restaurants and cafes after that fell by half, wrote RBC. Later, QR codes began to be checked at the entrance to some museums.

At the same time, Delta is experiencing a sharp increase in the US, with case reports rising from fewer than 4,000 across the nation to Friday’s total of 79,300. Along with that is a creeping (but newly obvious) effort to control the news narrative surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations. Biden the Imposter and Facebook, comin’ at ya!

However, Delta appears to have a short shelf life, as it is declining in Russia, and has not even shown itself in other parts of the world.

Nevertheless, this exercise of setting up “vaccine passports” or similar screening methods have been getting their trial in Greece, France, in a limited sense in Russia and of course, there is pressure mounting from the government in the United States to institute such stupidity.

Yes, there goes my objectivity, right out the window. However, in an attempt to recover it, let’s look at “why” I make the claim that this is stupid. For those of you who read my newspieces in the past you probably already know what I am going to say, but the point remains that these points have STILL not been honestly addressed:

  1. What is the true nature of SARS-CoV-2? – It is almost globally accepted now to consider that this is a bioengineered virus that escaped the lab for reasons yet unknown, but most likely an accident.
  2. What kind of user-car salesman job is being done to sell the vaccine? By this I mean that the vaccine narrative is as pliable as the news about the masks and the virus itself. Presently we are laboring under the notion that everyone will need vaccine shots or doses every six months. Add to that the bioengineering story that this virus was designed not to be curable or blockable by normal antivirus vaccine methods.
  3. How safe or unsafe is the vaccine, really? How do we account for the more than 20,000 people who died after receiving it? Again, questioning the narrative gets rewarded with “you are stupid! I am a doctor! Just do what I say!” These statements inspire the opposite of confidence, to put it mildly.
  4. And for those who are of a serious Christian persuasion, How do the vaccines become justified in the face of the very strange genetic procedures they employ, or the use of aborted fetal cell lines?

Finally, what about those like me who have never been even tested for the virus and who have never been sickened by it?

Why should we have to hop to because of what some person who we do not even know has to say?

To be sure, maybe all the above questions have good, true and reasonable answers that would make it very clear that taking the vaccine is good and right to do. But we never get such honesty. We instead get political platitudes, ever-changing narratives, propaganda, some subtle and some very poorly done as in Russia, and it looks far more like a political and polis power play than it does about legimately trying to resolve a health crisis.

This is very sad because many people are sickened with COVID and many of them die from it. Could some of these people have been saved by honest messaging instead of hysteria and politicking?

To this end, people are revolting against the regulations, notably in France and Greece as shown in the attached video, but also in Russia, the United States, and probably plenty of other lands. This is a good sign that we are not lost yet – and while some protesting seems unreasonably violent, as in France, the resistance of the regular people to tyrannical actions is spot on. Nobody wants to make a bad problem worse, but the insistence of the Elite on being dishonest with all of us has come back to bite them.

The current effort in the US and in Russia involves corporations creating their own vaccination mandates. I am affected by such a mandate in my regular job, with my job hanging by a thread of whether or not enough of my colleagues get jabbed so that I can get a free pass and avoid it.

Of course, my colleagues may be banking on the same thing, with the result being that not enough people get the shot so that the whole company is shut down.

The enacting of company policy to force vaccinations appears to be legal, though clever people fighting against it should be able to come up with plenty of legal ammo to defend their right NOT to be vaccinated and still work. Possibillities range from the legal and real ‘doctor’s excuse’ to fake ones, to religious objections (where I primarily stand on it).

As you can see, this is a developing story, but thankfully there is resistance. The QR Code thing died after about three weeks in Russia, yet Delta is still around pretty strongly. Why? Politics.

This leads one to the conclusion that this is not a battle with a virus; it is, rather, a battle for control of you and me. And to that end many of us are standing against it. It is not over yet.

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