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Vegan parents avoid jail time for nearly starving child to death



A Sydney, Australia, couple faces community service for feeding their infant daughter a strict vegan diet — almost killing her.

The unnamed thirty-somethings escaped the 18 months of sentenced incarceration, getting away with some community service and courses on parents and nutrition. Their now three-year-old daughter was so malnourished that at 19 months, she weighed less than 11 pounds. Her bones stopped developing after birth, and she hadn’t even grown teeth.

The little girl was fed solely bananas, oats, peanut butter and jelly, potatoes, and rice. Her birth was not registered, and she had received no vaccinations. Judge Sarah Huggett called the diet “completely inadequate,” saying:

This is not the case of an isolated act or omission or a momentary decision made in a pressured context, that led to a danger of serious injury to their child. Neither offender was particularly young, immature, uneducated or inexperienced as a parent or caregiver to young children.

The fact is that the daughter was their third child and each had experience with babies and their transition to toddler-hood and then young children.

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