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Video: CNN Host Compares ‘Unstoppable’ Bernie Sanders to Deadly Coronavirus


MSM sets its fake news sights on Bernie

Radio personality and CNN host Michael Smerconish thought it fitting to compare Bernie Sanders and his surge in the Democratic polls to the coronavirus outbreak. The remark has sparked massive online anger and a storm of mockery.

Smerconish made the outlandish comparison while discussing the prospects of the Democratic forerunner in South Carolina – the last of the four early states – which is voting in the Democratic primaries on Saturday.

“Can either coronavirus or Bernie Sanders be stopped?” the host wondered.

Here is @cnn‘s @smerconish casually linking Corona Virus and @BernieSanders in the same sentence. Unreal. pic.twitter.com/6i7Q4ucm1l

— Jordan (@JordanChariton) February 29, 2020

The comparison between Sanders and the virus – which has killed nearly 3,000 globally – was apparently deemed to be fine by the network, since it also appeared in the channel’s chyron.

The presenter’s ‘unconventional’ way of describing Sanders’ solid lead in the Democratic polls has since been met with an overwhelmingly negative reaction online, with many condemning the remark’s extremely poor taste.

Jesus, cnn, do better. https://t.co/t8Mfbur6tW

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) February 29, 2020

“Can either Coronavirus or Bernie Sanders be stopped?”

This is where media pundits put the most racially diverse coalition of working class people: in the same category as a viral disease pic.twitter.com/IWzrfSVAgA

— Nikola (@niktaylorde) February 29, 2020

While many were outraged and lashed out at the blunder, others chose to bombard CNN with mockery and jokes.

Damn I guess we gotta pick one. https://t.co/8pG02qCOcn

— Whatever Forever (@Scotch_Sailor) February 29, 2020


— michael konkol (@michaelkonkol3) February 29, 2020

Some even insisted that the abilities of Sanders deserve more credit than some puny virus.

They are unstoppable. Sanders is gonna run the table like the corona virus ?

— IMPEACHED (@rongoodis) February 29, 2020

Yes but unlike coronavirus #Bernie2020 is unstoppable

— Vengeful One (@2thon) February 29, 2020

Even the ever-reliable anti-Semitism card has been invoked, with critics arguing that the comparison of a Jewish candidate to a virus closely resembles the propaganda purveyed by Nazi Germany. Ironically, Sanders’ opponents have repeatedly accused the candidate of being an anti-Semite over his criticism of Israel’s policies and support for the creation of a Palestinian state.

CNN just used a chyron comparing @BernieSanders to the coronavirus.

DO NOT compare a Jewish presidential candidate to a disease.

It’s the same rhetoric that Nazis & antisemites have used to dehumanize Jews.@CNN, you need to apologize. Now.pic.twitter.com/xpYAqYd9XM

— Bend the Arc: Jewish Action (@jewishaction) February 29, 2020

Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show joins Mike Adams on The Alex Jones Show to break down the true impact on society the coronavirus outbreak has had.

Don’t forget, boosting your immune system during a crisis is just as important as storable food! Don’t wait until it’s all gone!

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