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VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren supporter hits female MAGA protestor — bursts into laughter during arrest


“Liberals cannot keep their hands to themselves at these events.”

Tempe Police arrested an Arizona man at a town hall for Sen. Elizabeth Warren Thursday after he allegedly threatened and attacked protestors and refused to leave.

The incident occurred at the Marquette Theater, where several members of the AZ Patriots, a Trump-supporting group, attended a town hall for Warren to speak out against “the socialism that she’s peddling,” Jennifer Harrison, a member, told The Boston Globe.

BREAKING: Security just dragged a man out of the Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) Town Hall. He was arguing with a group of @realDonaldTrump supporters. @KOLDNews pic.twitter.com/noATczAXg8

— Melissa Egan (@_MelissaEgan) August 2, 2019

“Liberals cannot keep their hands to themselves at these events,” she said. “They see a Make America Great Again hat and they become unglued.”

AZ Patriots attended the event along with about 3,000 others, but they were singled out by Warren’s staff because of their MAGA gear, she said. The staffers surrounded the group and put up signs to block their view, before the venue’s security intervened and asked them to leave, according to the news site.

“No problem, we left peacefully, no problem,” Harrison said. “We respect the law.”

As they were leaving, a man attempted to grab a phone from one of the Trump-supporters, and things devolved from there.

The woman who notoriously grabbed Owen Shroyer’s genitals in public with an overwhelming sense of entitlement and impunity was just held accountable for her brazen actions by the justice system.

“Warren’s campaign approached us and was very rude and held their signs completely over our faces,” Harrison told KOLD. “This animal over here lunged after us, tried to grab our phone from my partner’s hands.”

“Once he [the man escorted out] saw me, he stood up and tried to lunge after a woman to strike me with his fist,” Harrison said.

This is what happened just before the man was carried out by security. @KOLDNews pic.twitter.com/mKfgsDMfJ3

— Melissa Egan (@_MelissaEgan) August 2, 2019

Temple Police Sgt. Kevin Renwick told reporters the man was under arrest and would face charges, but officers prevented the media from speaking with the man, later identified by KOLD as 29-year-old Kristian Doak, a Warren supporter.

“It’s pretty cut and dried,” Renwick said.

Temple Police spokesman Greg Bacon later confirmed the man would face charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Police just put the man in handcuffs. The folks in red tell me he started yelling at them/pushing them. @KOLDNews pic.twitter.com/y6UCNuBu5P

— Melissa Egan (@_MelissaEgan) August 2, 2019

Video of Doak’s arrest show several security officers dragging him through the theater’s lobby and out the front door, and it’s clear he wasn’t going willingly.

Once through the doors, Doak picked himself up as the MAGA crew taunted him about his “tolerance.” Doak then lunged over several security in an attempt to attack the group and he was quickly wrestled to submission by several guards.

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