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Video: Jane Fonda Hits the Streets for ‘Climate Refugees,’ Goes After ICE and Big Banks


Far-left actress and activist Jane Fonda took to the streets of Washington, D.C. on Friday, blocking traffic to protest on behalf of “climate refugees.” She also cast blame on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and big banks like BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase for investing in companies that do business with ICE.

Jane Fonda marched for the ninth consecutive Friday as part of her ongoing series of climate-themed “Fire Drill Friday” protests. While past demonstrations have focused on the fossil fuel industry, the Hollywood star singled out ICE and the U.S. banking sector as prime culprits, accusing them of conspiring to profit off of “climate migrants.”

“Many of the same banks that made billions of dollars financing the fossil fuel industry that caused the climate crisis — BlackRock, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase — are now profiting off of climate chaos by investing in the companies that are contracting with ICE to finance border wall construction and run for-profit prisons,” Fonda’s organization Fire Drill Fridays said on its official Facebook page.

The Netflix series star joined a host of other climate activist groups on Friday to shut down traffic in Washington in order to visit the banks and financial institutions they accuse of profiting from “the climate crisis and immigrant detention.”

Among the groups joining the Oscar-winning star were GreenFaith, the Franciscan Action Network, and the National Guestworker Alliance.

Video posted to Fire Drill Friday’s official Twitter account showed Fonda and fellow protesters occupying the streets and chanting: “Ain’t no power like the power of the people ’cause the power of the people don’t stop.”

We are marching to shut down business-as-usual for the financial institutions that profit off of the climate crisis and immigrant detention. #FireDrillFriday @Janefonda, @saket_soni, @GreenpeaceUSA,@TaySchilling, @kyrasedgwick, @SunriseMvmtDC, @XRebelDC, @ShutDown_DC pic.twitter.com/vNQFvlOl3o

— Fire Drill Fridays (@FireDrillFriday) December 6, 2019

One of the activist groups, Shut Down DC, issued a menacing threat to financial institutions and those who work there. “Those killing the earth have names and addresses. That’s where we [sic] heading,” the group said on Twitter.

We’re about to shut down business as usual for the banks investment firms funding the climate crisis and the incarceration of immigrant families.

Those killing the earth have names and addresses. That’s where we heading w/ @FireDrillFriday https://t.co/BrulhEYJqP#ShutDownDC pic.twitter.com/Yiu9fNkIIa

— Shut Down DC (@ShutDown_DC) December 6, 2019

The activist groups worked up the emotions of the crowds by semantically linking climate and mass migration.

“Climate justice is immigrant justice,” said Saket Soni, director of the National Guestworker Alliance, addressing the crowd of protestors gathered near Franklin Square Friday.

“Climate justice is immigrant justice!” –@saket_soni with @ResilienceForce and @NGAdignity pic.twitter.com/tD6TTHngyJ

— Fire Drill Fridays (@FireDrillFriday) December 6, 2019

Jane Fonda also spoke to the crowd, urging them to heed a recent United Nations report warning of irreversible environmental damage.

It’s #FireDrillFriday! @Janefonda is kicking us off with a quote from #COP25 pic.twitter.com/FKCswgxenP

— Fire Drill Fridays (@FireDrillFriday) December 6, 2019

On Friday, Fonda was joined by fellow actresses Kyra Sedgwick, and Maura Tierniey, as well as Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling.

#FireDrillFriday #ClimateStrike @Janefonda Let’s Do This DC! pic.twitter.com/aZ8s0bXuYu

— kyra sedgwick (@kyrasedgwick) December 6, 2019

Fonda has been joined over the last nine weeks by a rotating cast of Hollywood stars, including Rosanna Arquette, Diane Lane, Piper Perabo, Sam Waterston, and Ted Danson.

Last week, Fonda toook aim at the farming and cattle ranching industries, blaming them for environmental damage and climate change.

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