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VIDEO: Man Allegedly Slashed in NYC Subway Fight that Ended Up on Tracks


Police in New York City are searching for a suspect they say slashed a 52-year-old man during a fight inside a Brooklyn subway station Wednesday.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:45 p.m. on the southbound platform of the Broadway Junction station, the New York Daily News reported.

Video of the incident, obtained by WPIX, shows the 52-year-old walking past the suspect, who wore a black Nike sweatshirt. The suspect appears to confront the man after he passes by, and the two proceed to exchange words. The assailant appears to lunge at the man while holding an object in hand, causing the verbal altercation to turn physical. The 52-year-old subsequently swings what looks to be a jacket at the suspect before attempting to get away from him, the video purports to show. The man in the Nike sweatshirt then appears to tackle the fleeing 52-year-old near the edge of the platform, causing them both to tumble to the tracks, according to the footage. 

Police said once they were on the tracks, the suspect slashed the man in the chest, head, ear, and finger, the New York Post reportedPolice said both individuals made it back to the platform before any trains entered the station, WPIX reportedThe suspect remains on the loose and the victim received medical attention by private means, the Post noted. 

Anyone with information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts or the incident is urged to contact NYPD’s Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577- TIPS (8477).

The incident comes as transit crime in New York City has jumped dramatically under the direction of Democrat Mayor Eric Adams. From January 1, the day Adams assumed office, through May 1, transit crime climbed a jarring 62.7 percent compared to the same period in 2021, the NYPD’s crime statistics show. Moreover, felony assault is up 19.8 percent and misdemeanor assault has increased 29.9 percent over the same period compared to 2021.

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