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Video: Masked Men Set Fire To Epoch Times’ Hong Kong Printing Press


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Communist Party likely behind attack on free speech amid violent protests

Four individuals wearing masks to conceal their identities stormed The Epoch Times’ Hong Kong printing press, threatened workers and set the facility on fire.

Armed with batons and dressed in all black, the men entered the building around 3:40 a.m. and told employees, “All of you don’t move!”

One man is seen tossing a liquid near printing press equipment and stacks of newspapers before another man uses a lighter to ignite the substance.

Surveillance footage shows the four men run off as soon as the flames erupt.

In total, “two print machines, four rolls of printing papers, and several stacks of newspapers,” were damaged during the blaze, according to The Epoch Times.

The attack is believed to be an attempt by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) to silence the pro-Hong Kong freedom Epoch Times.

The newspaper’s Hong Kong spokesperson Cheryl Ng said, “The fact that two of the thugs dressed in black outfits which looks like the protesters is also view[ed] by us as CCP tactics trying to use people against people.”

This is the fourth attack on the location since its opening over a decade ago.

The ongoing situation in Hong Kong continues to escalate with around 100 protesters currently trapped inside the city’s Polytechnic University after a three-day siege by police.

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