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Video: Nobody Getting Tested For Coronavirus Despite Claims of Long Lines


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Man apparently assaulted by Urgent Care Hawaii staffer for asking questions

A man was apparently assaulted by an Urgent Care Hawaii staffer while filming the lack of people at a testing facility in Hawaii after the company claimed the facility was inundated with individuals trying to get tested for coronavirus.

The footage, shot in Hawaii outside of an Urgent Care clinic earlier this week, shows a man asking why nobody was around when a woman purported to be the president of the company insisted that they were overwhelmed with people trying to get tested.

“What’s the game here?” the man asked. “Why are they whipping us into a panic? Why are they lying about massive lines of people at testing centers? Why are they turning away the trickle of folks that show up to be tested?”

Notably, Urgent Care Hawaii’s website states that it has ceased coronavirus testing on March 16th.


It’s unclear if this video was shot before or after the announcement was made, but given the fact a woman lunged at the man filming, it suggests the company did not want the man capturing the lack of individuals at the testing facility.

Brian Wilson dissects novel coronavirus 2019 as both an international health pandemic and a social switch to trigger mass panic worldwide while medical tyranny is established on its global platform.

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