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VIDEO: Suspects Allegedly Punch, Rob Man Outside California Gas Station


A man was reportedly beaten, dragged from his car and robbed by four suspects outside a gas station in Modesto, California, Thursday.

Surveillance video taken outside the AM/PM store located on 5th Street showed four men who appeared to be talking to a man sitting inside his car, according to ABC 10.

Moments later, the suspect wearing a red hoodie punched the victim as two of the other men helped drag him out of the car and onto the pavement. A man wearing a grey hoodie appeared to stomp on the victim as he lay on the ground.

One man wearing a black shirt took something from the victim’s pocket before the four suspects fled the scene in what witnesses said was a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Oregon license plates.

Once officers located the vehicle near Linden and Gough Streets, they charged the suspects with robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Store employee Joseph Lopez said he was driving a coworker home when he saw the incident take place, according to CBS 13.

“I turned around and said ‘We can’t leave him like that because the guy could be dead we don’t know what’s the matter with this guy. We need to help him, call an ambulance,’” he recalled.

Following the assault, the victim was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for major injuries.

In total, the Modesto Police Department arrested five suspects in connection with the alleged crime seen in the video.

“Three of the five suspects were identified as Soben Nun, a 22-year-old from Modesto, and Stockton’s Matthew Phommasinh, 22, and Chan Visna That, 25. Two of the others arrested were teenagers,” according to ABC 10.

Police said the incident Thursday was the second one in which the men were allegedly involved; the first one occurred just days before, according to CBS 13.

The report continued:

Police say the first assault and robbery happened in the early morning hours of Dec. 26 in the area of Maze Boulevard and Martin Luther King. Two victims were reportedly assaulted and robbed of cash and their backpacks by multiple armed suspects. One of the victims sustained major injuries and was hospitalized.

Lopez said he is concerned about the recent criminal activity in the surrounding neighborhood.

“Just another day in Modesto. Sorry to say but that’s how it’s getting around here,” he concluded.