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VIDEO — Woman Set on Fire in Philadelphia: ‘She’ll Never Have the Face She Was Born With’


Police are investigating a woman set on fire June 16 in Philadelphia’s Kensington area, and a report identified her as 36-year-old Alyssa Morales.

Her mother, Leah Ann Morales, spoke with CBS Philly outside Temple University Hospital, saying Alyssa remained in the burn unit.

The woman learned about the incident via social media once someone set her daughter on fire at a park.

“She’s going to live, but she’ll have permanent damage,” Leah Ann Morales explained, adding, “She’s going to have to have a new face.”

“I’m saying it, she’ll never have the face she was born with, and they said that’s the hard part when she can look in the mirror and see a different face looking back at her,” she continued.

As of Saturday morning, a GoFundMe page created for the family had raised $29,934 of its $35,000 goal.

The page said the young woman suffered second and third degree burns over half her body and she was in a medically induced coma.

“She was in too much pain to identify herself when she arrived at the hospital, and was listed as a Jane Doe for two days before her family was able to see her,” the fundraiser said.

Video footage showed Alyssa Morales in the hospital and pieces of her clothing moments after being set on fire:

Meanwhile, several Democrat-controlled cities in the United States watched violent crime rise this year compared to last year, according to a recent report.

“Philadelphia has suffered a comparable increase in violent crime under the direction of Mayor James Kenney (D), climbing an even seven percent in 2022 compared to the first half of 2021,” Breitbart News reported.

Per the CBS Philly article, Alyssa Morales was a college graduate. However, she later became homeless and fell into addiction.

The young woman will require facial reconstructive surgery, and her mother said she would eventually go to rehab.


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