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‘View’ Host Abby Huntsman Responds To Those Feud Rumors


Abby Huntsman shut down rumors that there is an on-going feud between her co-hosts on “The View” and said despite what people are seeing and reading, the ladies are “friends.”

“People always want something to write about, and they’ll make a much bigger story often out of nothing,” the 33-year-old host of the ABC talk show shared with E! News in a piece published Wednesday.(RELATED: Abby Huntsman Of Fox News To Join ‘The View’)

“If you wanna spend time backstage with us, we’re all humans, we’re all women, we all have the same dreams in life, we go home to our kids,” she added.(RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

Huntsman continued, summing it all up to what happens when people in a family fight, and how they might squabble but deep down they are still friends and care about each other.

“So, the reality is, we’re friends,” the former Fox News host shared. “But, I’m sure this season there will be headline after headline about feuds that…I was laughing on maternity leave because I would read about stuff, and I’m like, I know what actually happened and what I’m reading and how false that is. But, what are you gonna do?”

“If you’re watching this now just know that we are friends,” she added. “You have moments of disagreement but we’re like a family, and I come from one of seven kids, you’re gonna fight sometimes. But, underneath it all, you all are friends.”

It comes following several reports over the summer that there was tension among the ladies and that Huntsman’s co-host, Meghan McCain, reportedly felt “so exhausted and defeated” after two seasons following all the on-air clashes she’s had with liberal co-hosts like Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin that she was just not sure if it was worth it anymore.