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Viktor Orban: “Joe Biden is the thug” [Video]


The definition of “damned good television” is when you see and hear things you can instantly recognize as truth, especially when that truth has been hidden from you for as long as you can remember.

Take the case of the nation of Hungary. Its reputation in the West has been something like the worst possible blend of communism and human rights repression in the Western world. For those who even know where Hungary is, Budapest still probably sounds like a Arab or Muslim name, compounding the problem: Muslim Communist crazy people.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Hungary was historically a Christian nation, and after the failure of certainly very severe Communism, the country is Christian once again, with renewed fervor and a very serious attitude. It has one of the highest marriage rates and one of the lowest divorce rates. LGBT people are not allowed to sell their depraved lifestyle or push it on the innocent. Political discourse is free, and the country is so safe that the Prime Minister drives himself around without a security escort. The country has a flat income tax… All in all, Hungary is employing principles that have been long-considered the dream of American conservatives.

Tucker gives his usual flair to interviewing its Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, and to telling his viewers about what things are really like by reporting from Budapest. An historically important interview is shown below.

Here are the topics covered in the interview and links embedded that will take you to the precise timestamps. However, it is highly recommended to watch the whole piece to get and truly absorb the context.

  1. Introduction to the REAL Hungary
  2. Illegal immigration / migrants
  3. When “Family, Language, Religion, Culture” became offensive to Europe
  4. What happened to Germany after the Middle Eastern migration wave?
  5. Past life as Hero to the US Foreign Police establishment, but now… totalitarian thug. How?
  6. Why does Joe Biden single Viktor Orban out as “thuggish?”
  7. Is it strange to see America rooting for Anti-Semites and Communists?
  8. Hungary’s new direction – what about the future?
  9. Americans are coming to Budapest – what attracts them?
  10. On the “America First” Doctrine
  11. International interference coming in April 2022 elections
  12. US foreign policy run by liberals destabilizes relations.
  13. Concluding thoughts from Tucker

What is happening in America is a choice that all the Americans have a part to play in. Prime Minister Orban shows that this is true.

He further shows that Christianity is the core of the cure. Like it or lump it, he is correct. Hungary is flourishing and has become a very attractive place to live for many families who simply want to live normal free lives. Look around your city in the US, and examine your leaders’ policies. And remember: Those leaders are there because you either elected them or didn’t do anything or enough to prevent such madness.

In this way, Barack Obama is correct. His “feel-good” statement, “we are the ones we have been waiting for” is applicable – personal responsibility. Oddly enough, American conservatives have been loath to pick this up, hoping that the leaders will sort it out. That is why President Trump lost the election: He was doing everything right, and doing everything he could to support America. But he was expected to do it all by himself.

Let us learn our lesson and move our nation back home, to “one nation under God”, which is the only way we can succeed.

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