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Wagner Receiver Joshua DeCambre Makes Insane Catch During Practice


Wagner receiver Joshua DeCambre recently had an absurd catch during practice.

In a video posted on Twitter Saturday, DeCambre went up in the air and made an absurd one-handed grab. (RELATED: August Is Officially The Start Of College Football)

It was straight out of OBJ’s playbook. Give the incredible play a watch below.

SHOWTIME @JoshuaDeCambre_ #SCtop10 pic.twitter.com/pMxKqPrsuP

— Wagner College Football (@Wagner_Football) August 10, 2019

I know it’s only practice, but that was one hell of an impressive snag. He elevated, got over the top of the defender, threw one hand up and came down with the ball.

If that’s not impressive when it comes to making a catch in football, then I have no idea at all what would be.

These football highlights also only have me getting more and more excited for the sport to finally be back. We’re only a couple weeks away and all these inside looks at different camp have everybody pumped.

It truly can’t get here fast enough.

Major props to DeCambre for making one hell of an awesome catch for all of us to enjoy while we wait for college football to officially return.

13 days, folks! Only 13 more days!

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