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Watch: 3 Times Comedy Central Host and ‘Cuomosexual’ Trevor Noah Praised Disgraced Andrew Cuomo


On Tuesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he would resign in two weeks, ahead of likely impeachment proceedings, over multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. But before Cuomo’s fall from grace, it was New York resident and Comedy Central host Trevor Noah who was one of Hollywood’s biggest supporters of Cuomo — proclaiming himself a “Cuomosexual” as many leftists angled to anoint Cuomo as a “sex symbol” for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the Empire State.

Last year, Trevor Noah posted a message to Twitter celebrating the many leftists who had begun propping Andrew Cuomo up as the “love guv,” and Noah was only too happy to jump right on that bandwagon.

“People online are falling in love with him because of coronavirus and how he’s handling it. I’m not going to lie. Those people include me. My Tinder profile now lists me as a Cuomosexual,” Noah said in the promo video.

Never let Trevor Noah forget this. #Cuomo pic.twitter.com/ytkREifXJb

— The Columbia Bugle ?? (@ColumbiaBugle) August 3, 2021

Noah also reiterated his love for Cuomo during an interview in October of last year with the now also disgraced talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Then there was the fifteen-minute love fest that Trevor Noah indulged in October when he brought Cuomo on his “The Daily Social Distancing Show.” Noah praised Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic — this was educated on the truth about the thousands of elderly nursing home residents (and staff) that had died in New York in part because of Cuomo’s disastrous policies, which led to COVID positive patients being sent back to those facilities.

Noah ended his fawning interview on this cringe-worthy note:

On a personal level again, I just wanted to touch base with you as a human being. I last remember you being single, and now the weather is changing, which means it’s going to be a lot harder to go out for a date because you can’t be inside with strangers. Have you taken the time to just at least, you know, have a socially distant meal with anybody just in life? Did you take the time? I know you were very busy, so I just wonder as a person if you’ve taken the time to do that for yourself?

After Cuomo announced his resignation over mounting cases of alleged sexual misconduct, suddenly Noah is saying good riddance to a “perv.”

New York has successfully flattened the perv https://t.co/eTOlogqLxh

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) August 10, 2021

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