Home News WATCH – Antifa attacks peaceful conservative protesters

WATCH – Antifa attacks peaceful conservative protesters


Pictured – Antifa thug uses the trademark SKATEBOARD to attack a hispanic couple protesting the Spa’s transgender policy


Antifa violence At Protest Against Spa That Allowed Nude Trans-Woman In Women’s Section

A spa in Koreatown in Los Angeles was the site of violence this weekend as Antifa and pro-LGBT counter-protesters clashed with conservatives upset that trans-women are being allowed to lounge nude in the women-only section.

The spa gained attention last week as a result of a viral video of a woman complaining about a naked man in the ladies’ section.

Video journalist Andy Ngo identified some of the violent actors as Antifa and shared videos of the event.

A Hispanic couple had their signs torn away & were threatened by antifa outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. “We come in peace,” the woman said while they surrounded her and her partner. pic.twitter.com/R4hykyOPsB

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) July 3, 2021

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