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Watch: Caravans of Cuban-Americans Protest Bernie Sanders and Rally for Donald Trump


Caravans of Cuban-Americans rallied in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday after Sen. Bernie Sanders defended Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s policies.

Photos and videos emerged on social media in Miami featuring long lines of cars and trucks flying Cuban and American flags and honking their horns. Others wore MAGA hats and waved Trump 2020 flags to show their support of the president.


MASSIVE #MIAMI rally supporting @realDonaldTrump sanctions towards Castro dictatorship in #Cuba ???#MAGA #KAG ???????? pic.twitter.com/GNYGk5vlpj

— Rey Anthony (@ReyAnthonyFL) February 29, 2020

In an interview with CBS last week, Sanders defended Fidel Castro’s “literacy programs” in Cuba despite his brutal socialist regime.

The vehicles featured signs and painted slogans such as “Viva Trump,” “Free Cuba, “Cambio es ya” (Change is Now), and “Abajo La Dictadura” (Down with Dictatorships).

Los Cubanos en el exilio nos negamos a que nuestra patria #Cuba siga bajo la bota de un régimen que aplasta a nuestros hermanos dentro de la isla. Seguiremos alzando nuestra voz para que el mundo mire a Cuba y nos ayude a salir de esta larga pesadilla. #ElCambioEsYa pic.twitter.com/1BxDwS7pt6

— Félix Llerena Cuba (@FelixLlerenaCUB) March 1, 2020

“Wondering what that excessive honking was in Coral Gables, Miami and Brickell?” asked the Miami Herald. “It’s about Trump.”

It was a pleasure to participate in “La Caravana por la Libertad” in a protest against the Cuban dictatorship and their continuous violations of human rights. A big shoutout to Alexander Otaola for organizing such an amazing event! ¡Viva Cuba Libre! ???#ElCambioEsYa #CubaLibre pic.twitter.com/IMEGGMTy4s

— Bibiana Potestad (@VotePotestad) February 29, 2020

A group of over 150 Cuban Americans in Kentucky also held a similar protest, giving speeches before driving through the Cuban community blasting car horns and music, while some waved Trump flags and signs.

The Courier-Journal reported that the caravan featured over 150 people protesting Cuba’s socialist government after Sanders defended Castro’s literacy programs.

Signs on the cars read “No Socialism in America,” “Cuba Libra,“ and “Make Cuba Great Again.”

With flags and music, Cubans in Louisville are holding a caravan through the city decrying socialism in Cuba. Recent remarks about Cuba and gains of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have stirred fears among some in a community with diverse political views @courierjournal pic.twitter.com/RxI93F8Qw1

— Chris Kenning (@chris_kenning) February 29, 2020

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