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WATCH: CN LIVE! The Latest on Assange; Plus America and Guns: Episode 5


The fifth episode of CN Live! discussed the latest on Julian Assange and the problem of guns in America. 

John Pilger saw Assange at Belmarsh prison on Tuesday and reports a troubling deterioration in his health. We discussed Assange and governments’ treatment of him and how the people are manipulated with Australian psychologist Lissa Johnson. Plus Mark Davis, a prominent Australian television journalist, revealed new details about WikiLeaks‘ relationship with The Guardian and The New York Times during publication of the Afghan War Logs.

And then, in the wake of the massacres last weekend in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, we got two perspectives on the crisis that has gripped the U.S. for too long: mass murder. 

First we were joined from Sydney, Australia by Rebecca Peters, who helped negotiate Australia’s gun laws enacted after a 1996 mass murder that has made a dramatic difference; and James Howard Kunstler went deep into what’s unwell about American culture that contributes to the ongoing, senseless massacres.

All on today’s episode of CN Live! with your hosts Elizabeth Vos and Joe Lauria.  

Watch the replay here!


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