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Watch Kansas City Chiefs’ Star Patrick Mahomes Destroy A Drone In The Air With A Football


Kansas City Chiefs’ star Patrick Mahomes proved once again to have an incredible arm when he was challenged to hit a drone flying in the air with a football and nailed it.

It happened when the 23-year-old quarterback was asked during a Bleacher Report to hit the drone, per KansasCity.com in a piece published Thursday.

His first attempt was an epic fail as he expected the person flying to drone to go one direction and they instead went the opposite. But Mahomes asked for a second shot and said, “Just do the same thing.” And this time, he didn’t miss. (RELATED: Here’s A Glorious Video Of Matthew Stafford Throwing 56 Touchdowns To Calvin Johnson)


In the clip, we see the Chiefs’ star QB get into position and throw the football into the air and strike the drone, shattering it from the collision and knocking it down to the turf. (RELATED: Patriots Beat The Rams In The Super Bowl)

“I got ’em,” Mahomes explained to the sound of cheers and laughter from the crowd. “That’s what y’all told me to do, right? That’s why I just hit it right on the button.” (RELATED: Patrick Mahomes Puts On Unreal Passing Display During Training Camp)

The National Football League player’s throwing skills have been well documented before. Most recently, he made headlines when video surfaced earlier this summer of Mahomes throwing a football from the field like a rocket out of Arrowhead Stadium and making it all look easy.


Clearly, this guy’s career is going to be fun to watch. Can’t wait for football regular season to start now in just a few weeks!