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Watch Live: President Trump Holds Another Coronavirus Press Conference


Three days after President Trump held his first White House press briefing on the coronavirus threat – where he appointed Vice President Mike Pence to be the administration’s “not-Coronavirus Czar”, before quickly clarifying that it wasn’t a demotion for HHS Secretary Alex Azar (rumored to be near the top of the president’s shit list) – Trump will hold another presser at 1:30 ET to discuss the coronavirus threat.

The presser is being held to discuss “the latest CoronaVirus developments”…

I will be having a 1:30 P.M. Press Conference at the White House to discuss the latest CoronaVirus developments. Thank you!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 29, 2020

Earlier this morning, the FDA announced a new plan to speed up testing and loosen restrictions on local labs, a decision that will likely lead to a surge in newly confirmed coronavirus cases as the true scope of the outbreak in the US becomes apparent.

And don’t forget: State public health officials in Oregon, California and Washington State announced new coronavirus cases “of unknown origin” as others complained about restrictive CDC guidelines that slowed states’ ability to test new patients for the virus.

In other words: Trump has some explaining to do.

Watch live below:

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