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Watch Live: Twitter Announces New Social Credit Score As Coronavirus Spreads Out-of-Control Globally


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This Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show is going to be absolutely jam-packed with key information and bombshell guests! Watch and share if you believe in a pro-human future!

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February 21, 2020


The war on free speech comes to a head as establishment ‘narrative managers’ seek to destroy the free exchange of ideas and information on-line. If you care about the First Amendment, please share this link or tell others about this broadcast!

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David Knight Show: Stone Trial – Suppressed Evidence Proves His Innocence

On this Friday broadcast of The David Knight Show, we’ll look at the Roger Stone sentencing, the politicized judge who sentenced him and evidence that proves he’s innocent.

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Watch Live: Stone Trial: Evidence Suppressed Shows His Innocence https://t.co/ZAcsuZ2x0u

— David Knight (@libertytarian) February 21, 2020

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Watch Live: Corrupt Judge Gives Roger Stone 40 Months in Prison