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WATCH: Raiders Fans Boo, Hurl Garbage in Final Oakland Game


Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had planned to give the fans a heartfelt goodbye as he left the field after his team’s final game in Oakland. Instead, the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders quarterback ran for the tunnel as fans booed him off the field after another humiliating loss.

“Oh gosh, what’s new with our crowd?” Carr said. “Trust me, it’s not under my skin, it’s nothing new.

“I just wanted to say thanks. Whenever I’m done playing football, they can get mad at somebody else someday that’s the quarterback, you know what I mean? There have been too many good times, too many fun memories I’ve had with especially those certain people, where it’s our last time there.”


Derek Carr gets booed off the field after the #Raiders blow a 4th quarter lead in their final game in Oakland.

(via @StanfordVoice) pic.twitter.com/Qo4Wuty7YE

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) December 16, 2019

And of course, there was garbage tossed on the field:

Black hole tosses garbage onto the field as Raiders lose their last game in Oakland in the final minute. pic.twitter.com/mhv4gRr1LG

— Torrey Hart (@torreyhart) December 16, 2019

The Raiders blew a 13-point lead to lowly Jaguars on Sunday. Not that Raiders fans need a ton of encouragement to boo and hurl garbage, but the ugly loss coupled with the team’s imminent departure appears to have been the catalyst.

The Raiders are now 6-8 and can finish no better than .500.

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