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WATCH: Raiders’ Vontaze Burfict Ejected After Vicious Hit


Vontaze Burfict has delivered some all-time dirty hits during his eight year NFL career, but what he did on the field against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, was next level.

During the second quarter, Burfict lowered his head and delivered a direct, helmet-to-helmet hit on the Colts Jack Doyle.


Burfict was ejected for this hit pic.twitter.com/2bL2wpsvCH

— uSTADIUM (@uSTADIUM) September 29, 2019

“Burfict, one of the Raiders main defensive catalysts, is no stranger to ejections and penalties. In 2017, he was ejected for a late hit and running into an official during a game when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s been suspended 10 games over the course of his eight-year career,” USA Today Sports reports.

Burfict blew kisses to the booing crowd as he walked off the field.

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