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Watch Rapper Make It Rain On Skid Row Homeless – An Important Lesson For The Fed


The Federal Reserve might want to take some pointers from Rapper Blueface of how to preform helicopter drops in low-income neighborhoods ahead of the next downturn. 

The 22-year old rapper was seen standing on top of a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the middle of Los Angeles’ Skid Row, injecting money into the local economy via a direct transfer to low-income folks and the homeless. 

The rapper was seen in the video throwing wads of cash into the air, with dozens of people scouring around the vehicle to collect as many bills as they could.

According to RT News, it wasn’t entirely clear what domination the bills were and or how much cash the rapper gave away in the helicopter drop. 

The video first surfaced on Blueface’s Twitter account on Dec. 23. 

The season of giving ? pic.twitter.com/paGrYB6WKo

— blueface (@bluefacebleedem) December 23, 2019

The video received mixed reviews with one Twitter user saying, “Way to demean them. You could have handed it out in a decent way that wasn’t so dehumanizing. Someone could have been seriously injured because of your stunt.”

Another user said, “damn bruh you could’ve made it look a little less ghetto.”

One user said, “Handing them the money wasn’t an option? Instead, you literally stand on top of them and throw it at them and make them scavenge for it….bro your buggin.” 

Apparently, it’s the season of giving, something the Fed will be doing once the next recession strikes. They will be financing People’s Quantitative Easing in the form of direct transfers to citizens that will hopefully thwart a Hong Kong-style revolt against elites.