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WATCH: Riot Police Chase Yellow Vests Through Paris Train Station, Pianist Plays On Amid Chaos


Yellow Vest protesters seeking respite from tear gas in a Paris train station were accompanied by an unexpected live soundtrack as a talented pianist played on nearby, undeterred by the melée around him.

Playing on a public piano, the musician added a dreamlike quality to the tense situation.

— Yahoo Actualités (@YahooActuFR) September 21, 2019

Demonstrators, taking to the streets for the 45th week of nationwide protests, sought refuge inside the capital’s Saint-Lazare station after police fired tear gas outside to disperse crowds.

— RT (@RT_com) September 21, 2019

Security forces then followed the protesters into the station in an attempt to flush them out and evacuate the building.

— RT France (@RTenfrancais) September 21, 2019

Police in Paris arrested over 100 people on Saturday, according to official figures, and more than 7,000 officers have been deployed in the capital alone for Saturday’s rallies.

WATCH: Tear gas is used to disperse crowds in Paris as the 45th consecutive Saturday of Yellow Vest protests breaks a period of relative calm in Paris pic.twitter.com/LiqNk3tej4

— Bloomberg TicToc (@tictoc) September 21, 2019

VIDEO: Vehicles are set ablaze in Paris and riot police are deployed at yellow vest protests in the French capital pic.twitter.com/IAsyyTtQYZ

— AFP news agency (@AFP) September 21, 2019

(Image credits: RT_com/Twitter)