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Watch: Trump Makes Appearance At Daytona 500, Takes Lap Around Track in ‘Beast’ Limo


President was named grand marshal for the event

Infowars.com –

February 16, 2020

President Trump visited the Daytona 500 on Sunday, where he took several laps around the track in “The Beast” presidential limo before the race began.

The Beast! #Daytona500

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/JsYOZg73QA

— Elizabeth Harrington (@LizRNC) February 16, 2020

Trump is on the track at the #Daytona500 @realDonaldTrump #DaytonaDonald pic.twitter.com/5Pbj8xQko6

— Timothy Martin (@TRMFTL) February 16, 2020

“That’s a sight for the ages right there.” #Daytona500 pic.twitter.com/7hdzzawhDz

— ForAmerica (@ForAmerica) February 16, 2020

Trump had flown over the stadium in Air Force One, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd.

“U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A,” breaks out as Air Force One lands at the Daytona airport. pic.twitter.com/DOFVX2PalB

— Jordan Bianchi (@Jordan_Bianchi) February 16, 2020

🇺🇸🏁 pic.twitter.com/COBdI2o5dq

— Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) February 16, 2020

Trump was named grand marshal for the event, where he said to the drivers: “Gentlemen start your engines!” to kick off the race.

“Gentlemen, start your engines!” pic.twitter.com/b2xXSVqGMr

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) February 16, 2020

Video: Here’s the MASSIVE reception President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS Melania Trump received upon being announced at the start of the opening ceremonies for the 62nd #Daytona500

MANY, MANY, MANY chants of U-S-A! U-S-A! pic.twitter.com/q6QidNbTcP

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) February 16, 2020

Driver Joe Nemechek is racing in his car emblazoned with the Trump/Pence 2020 campaign logo.

Check out the car @FrontRowJoe87 will be racing with at the #Daytona500 pic.twitter.com/HusJnj1hLf

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) February 16, 2020

The Trump 2020 car for Joe Nemechek has arrived in Daytona.

Credit: Mike Harmon Racing pic.twitter.com/EaEItr2PBE

— Old Row Sports (@OldRowSports) February 16, 2020

Additionally, the Trump campaign plans to air a new ad during the race touting the president’s many achievements.

“NASCAR fans are patriots who support the president in huge numbers, so we definitely wanted to communicate directly with them about keeping America great during the great American race,” campaign manager Brad Parscale said, according to a report from nj.com.

Trump is also delivered an address the crowd before the race.

Video: MORE from Trump addressing the #Daytona500 crowd -> For 500, heart-pounding miles, these fierce competitors will chase the checkered flag, fight for the Harley J. Earl trophy and make their play for pure American glory — and that is what it is — pure American glory. pic.twitter.com/TsQGzVm6wy

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) February 16, 2020

The real winner today @NASCAR is @POTUS

He is just a big hairy American winning machine!

Go 45! #DAYTONA500 pic.twitter.com/C2jfYO1RSh

— Sol 🎬 (@Solmemes1) February 16, 2020

Alex Jones discusses Attorney General Barr and his actions rebuking Trump publicly.

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