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What’s on board the C-17 Globemaster III flying from Turkey to Poland?


Air Mobility Command’s C-17A Globemaster III arrived at Incerlik AB, Turkey from Sicily, Italy on February, 20 as part of US-led exercise Defender Europe 2020, Air Mobility Command officials said.

At present the exercise is about to gain momentum. First Defender-Europe 20 equipment has already arrived in Germany where it stands ready to spread out to operational areas in Poland. “We still need to get some equipment to Powidz (Poland) from Turkey,” – Air Mobility Command official said.

Our sources at Incerlik AB confirm that the C-17 Globemaster III is supposed to transport a very important cargo to Poland. The aircraft has been taken to a highly secured area at Incerlik AB.

The arrival of the C-17 transport aircraft at Incerlik AB is thus viewed as a means to recover a certain number of nuclear bombs (that are currently stored at Incerlik AB amid tensions in Syria) to Poland.

And forward-deployed nuclear weapons storage depot during Defender Europe 2020 in Powidz is a proof to that.

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