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“When Women Abuse Men”


Are women becoming more violent, or are men now less inhibited about discussing the way they are abused by women?

Men’s  rights activists have longed claimed domestic violence is a two-way street, that much or most of it is reciprocal but men simply hit harder. This ground-breaking Channel 5 documentary goes a long way towards proving that claim.

Five actual cases are covered, but only three victims testify, the other two being forever silent.

First up is Ian, who has a horrific tale to tell of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his lover, which does seem strange because he is a big guy. Why would he have tolerated it?

The second is David, whose story is related by his sister. Although his surname isn’t given, his full name was David Edwards, and he was a solicitor of all things; his bruised face is pictured above. He appears to have been married before, but this time he did it in style, taking his bride-to-be to Las Vegas where they tied the knot. It is unclear when the violence started, but one assault was actually caught on a police bodycam; she was laying into the poor guy in the street when a police car passed.  This incident shows just how tolerant the police are of female violence. The police drove them home. Hours later, after fourteen months of abuse, she murdered him, stabbing him through the heart.

Sharon Edwards was convicted of his murder at Manchester Crown Court and given a twenty year tariff in March 2016. On December 6 the following year, the Manchester Evening News reported that her appeal against conviction and sentence had been dismissed by the Court Of Appeal. Lady Justice Hallett didn’t buy the claim that the victim had walked onto the knife. Shades of Emma-Jayne Magson?

The third case gives the full names of the parties, one that didn’t progress to murder, but man was this dude in a bad way? Jordan Worth is an attractive young woman, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth on the face of it, but she became the first woman in Britain to become the subject of a coercive control order. She was also given a seven and a half year sentence.

The fourth victim was Paul Chivers; his wife received a 16 month sentence.

Victim number five departed this world in May 2017, and has gifted his name to a foundation. Paul Lavelle was murdered by Sarah Lewis, although somehow she was convicted only of manslaughter for which she received a seven and a half year sentence, the same as Jordan Worth.

According to one professional contributor to this programme, coercive control is practised more by women than by men. Tell that to Harriet Wistrich and Julie Bindel. On second thoughts, don’t bother, their minds are already made up, and if as in the case of Emma Humphreys, a woman stabs her lover through the heart while he is lying on his back in a drunken stupor, the pig deserved it.

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