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Where is the outcry about THIS black man, murdered for supporting Trump? [Video]


A black man named Bernell Trammell was shot, execution style, as he sat a lawn chair in front of his office. This happened in broad daylight, at 12:30pm local time, Thursday July 23rd, 2020. The assailant is still at large.

CNN didn’t cover this.

MSNBC didn’t cover this.

The New York Times did not pick this up.

Neither did The Washington Post

Nor did CBS, NBC, or ABC in their newscasts.

Why not? Isn’t this the time we are all supposed to be outraged because “black lives matter?”

This man was even a supporter of Black Lives Matter. But still, not a peep from anybody but Fox News.

Look at the photo that heads this piece and you might see the problem. Or look below at this one which is zoomable:

Bernell Trammell, standing outside his home and office in Milwaukee, WI, before he was murdered on July 23, 2020.

Trump 2020. Stop Fox.Con (this is the company that makes Apple components). Scripture references, from the NEW Testament. So this guy is a Christian believer, and he looks pretty serious about it.

Well, now. Anyone wonder why no one beat it to report on the cold-blooded murder of this Black man with a soul made white as snow by Christ?

This, while George Floyd was a drug user and criminal; while Rayshard Brooks was a drug user and a criminal who attacked and shot a police officer with a Taser, and so on… Criminal get sympathy and pity and adulation, but Mr. Trammell was all but forgotten about.

This is a real civil war we have on our hands. Thank God for Laura Ingraham, who is also a believer, and her excellent reporting which we offer below. God help us.

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