Home Headlines While we sing…trillions in bailouts…2629 infected Italian docs

While we sing…trillions in bailouts…2629 infected Italian docs


My fears all along have come true: the crisis in Lombardy was translated to “Humanity will be wiped out if we (mostly in NATO) don’t place our citizens on lockdown under army “protection” while we arrange for trillion £$€ bailouts to our most corrupt and inefficient corporations. We will throw some coins at the sheeple to keep them appeased while they are fighting with their families at home over the remote control”.

How is it possible that life is going on as normal in most of India, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan etc.?

I don’t believe in big plots to take over the world, but I do think people have become so conditioned to believing what they read on Guardian, NYT, Fox etc.

I can’t believe that while we’re standing here singing on our balconies (I have no problems with that) this story is not in the news headlines. Nobody is talking about how we got here even though WHO activated their surveillance system for pneumonia of unknown aetiology on Jan 3, even before the virus had been isolated properly.

Back then we were hoping that WWIII would not start, but actually it sort of did but in a very insidious way.

Who are we fighting? We are fighting for our right to think independently. We’re fighting for the right to view humanity as one species homo sapiens. We’re being told to hate this one or that one.

How is 2629 medical pros infected not a TOP STORY IN ITALY?

I have written an article in which I tried to argue that the crisis in Italy was at first localized in a handful of hospitals and is largely the result of incompetence, arrogance and racism by the politicians in charge of the regional health system of Lombardy.

We were told: xyz country is a lying authoritarian scumbag. But if it’s happening in Italy….we need to go into full drama queen mode.

Something is not right here.

I don’t believe in grand conspiracies. I’ve spent a lot of time on virological.org

Here is my hypothesis in a few sentences:

1. The virus has been circulating in many places in the world since probably November. It was documented as a bizarre flu case.

2. It is not known where the virus originated, it is unlikely to be deliberate.

3. In Wuhan, they were the first to notice the anomalous cases. They reacted extremely quickly because they didn’t want a repeat of SARS in WUHAN (a MAJOR RAIL HUB IN THE CENTRE OF CHINA) right before Chinese New Year.

4. The crisis in Wuhan presented an opportunity for NATO countries to

a) attack China in the media

b) get their populations to blame China

c) scare their populations

5. This has then snowballed out of control.

Please inform yourself properly, don’t hate any other country or blame them for your problems and above all, stay safe!



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