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Who Is AK Nation?


Colin Flaherty is a white American who reports on black crimes, specifically black “mob violence”, violent crimes inflicted on whites and other minorities, and on black gun crime.

Flaherty cannot be debunked so he can either be ignored or denounced as, you guessed it, racist. What though of AK Nation? He runs two YouTube channels commenting exclusively on black crime, related black issues, white liberal hypocrisy, and white braindeads generally, like Antifa. He has been doing this for a shade over three years, and deserves a much wider audience.

Not much is known about him except he is in his early forties and does most of his commentary from a motor vehicle. Colin Flaherty alludes to the black criminal element and underclass as “the fellas and their lovely ladies”. For AK Nation they are “sun people” from Blakistan and Chiraq, while ordinary whites are glaciers gliders.

He compiles his footage largely from local media reports, and until you have viewed a couple of dozen of his uploads you cannot begin to comprehend the scale of senseless violence, including shootings for either no apparent reason or the most tenuous of pretexts.

This is footage from another source, it shows the murder of Anthony Robinson in the Bronx on July 5 last year. All manner of pathetic excuses are advanced for crimes of this nature from racism to poverty. How is race an issue when both the perpetrator and the victim are black? How is poverty an issue in drive-by shootings? Can truly poor people afford cars?

This murder didn’t end there. Two more men were shot dead in an apartment, and Robinson’s brother was charged with both murders. Chicago’s loony mayor Lori Lightfoot has been blamed for the explosion of murders there, but it makes no more sense to blame her than to blame Andrew Cuomo for this.

Here is a list of the deadliest cities in the United States. At the top is Saint Louis which had a staggering 64.54 murders  per hundred thousand of population in 2019.  Compare this with these rates (2012) from around the world and ask yourself why this difference is so stark.

The main reason appears to be America’s insane gun culture which is the most insane with black males up to the age of about 45. Other nations have armed citizenries, but none has the same attitude as the United States, or the gangsta mentality of young blacks that leads them to settle often trivial scores in such a deadly fashion.

AK Nation has his own ideas about black (male) violence, but in the meantime, all he can do is monitor and marvel at it.

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