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Whoopi Wishes Biden Would Pick Hillary for VP


The hosts of “The View” were speculating Friday about who Joe Biden would choose as his vice presidential pick when Whoopi Golberg floated her favorite choice: Hillary Clinton.

Golberg dropped hints about who her favorite candidate would be, suggesting her broad unpopularity may prevent her from joining the Biden ticket.

“You know who he should pick but he won’t? The person who he should actually pick?” Golberg said.

“The person who really is qualified to do it, and he cannot pick her–Hillary Clinton. I’m just saying in terms of the qualifications. She is — she would be brilliant,” Whoopi said.

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed, and began touting Clinton’s new Hulu fluff documentary Hillary.

“I just finished watching it and it is spectacular! It was spectacular,” she raved.

“It goes to show you not only her qualifications, but who she really is, and how she has been so misread by so many people,” Hostin continued. “And so misjudged and really just sort of, you know, the sins of her husband have just been imputed to her over and over and over again.”

Co-host Joy Behar weighed in, wondering if Clinton could reprise her role as Secretary of State.

“She could be Secretary of State again, right?” Behar asked hopefully.

Clinton reiterated numerous times that she is not seeking the Democratic nomination and that she would support whoever the nominee is, even Bernie Sanders who she said “nobody likes” or “wants to work with him.”

Clinton also insisted last month that becoming Biden’s running mate was “not going to happen.”

Hillary Clinton will be required to testify under oath & cross-examination as judge overrules Barr’s DOJ & Hillary’s State Dept holdovers who are trying to shut down the Benghazi investigation & the subsequent email crimes.