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Wisconsin Badgers Release Epic Hype Video For The USF Game


The Wisconsin Badgers dropped an unreal hype video for the USF game on Wednesday night.

Of all the hype videos we’ve seen going into our first full weekend, I have no problem saying this one from the Badgers is the best so far. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yes, I recognize the fact I’m biased as all hell on this topic, but I’m shooting you guys straight on this one. I had to pause it halfway through just to let my heart slow down.

Give it a watch below, and prepare yourself because goosebumps are on the way.

We’re just getting started

Chapter 1: Beginnings #OnWisconsin pic.twitter.com/pWKO0jgSNA

— Wisconsin Football (@BadgerFootball) August 28, 2019

Who is ready to hit USF with the rushing attack of a lifetime on Friday night? I seriously might have to go throw some pads on right now and start running through drills.

I feel like I could throw a football over the Rocky Mountains right at this moment. When I get to Vegas, I’m telling the hotel to put that video on repeat on the screen to prepare for the game.

My heart is racing right now! What a hype video.

Battle, gentlemen. Battle is what awaits us, and that video above has me ready to volunteer to get on the front lines against USF.

Two days, folks! Two days. Damn, it sure does feel good! Let’s get after it.

Never forget who is the true King in the North when it comes to college football. pic.twitter.com/vtbKyAPdYe

— David Hookstead (@dhookstead) August 10, 2019

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