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World-renowned San Francisco truffle shop owner attacked by homeless man; saved by bat-wielding 13-year-old son



A San Francisco truffle shop owner says he was getting strangled by an unruly stranger Monday when he was saved by his 13-year-old son who grabbed a baseball bat and fended off the attacker.

Jean Marc Gorce of XOX Truffles posted about the attack on Facebook:

“He grabbed the baseball bat we have in the back to come to my rescue. And the homeless [man] stopped strangling me…Very scary,” the post read.

Surveillance video captured the moments before the attack. It shows a man walking into XOX Truffles with a large bag. Gorce said he recognized the attacker because he had been sleeping on the sidewalk earlier in the day.

The owner tells him he has to leave.  After a few words were exchanged, they walk out the door. The owner trips and falls.

That is when the suspect attacked the shop owner, according to the report, and attempted to strangle him with a choke-hold.

“He jumped on me,” said Gorce. “Got me in a headlock. I was suffocating. One of the customers at the table said, ‘Oh, let him stop the fight.’ And the [attacker] said, ‘Oh, don’t worry. I won’t kill him. I just want want him to pass out.’”

As he was in a choke hold and struggling to breathe, Gorce said only a few people stopped to watch, but nobody stepped in right away.

“I was screaming for help,” Gorce said. “‘Help, somebody help me!’ Because he had me really good. And I could not move. And I thought I was going to pass out. But my hero here helped me and that was it.”

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