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WTF: Kamala Harris Praises Morbidly Obese Rapper With Giant Twerking Booty Stage Prop


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2020 Dem candidate promotes peak societal degeneracy

2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris praised up-and-coming obese rapper “Lizzo” during her MTV Video Music Awards performance featuring a massive inflatable booty twerking on stage behind her.

“Colorful. Vibrant. Joyful. Unapologetic. Powerful. How could you not love @lizzo?” Harris tweeted Tuesday.

Colorful. Vibrant. Joyful. Unapologetic. Powerful. How could you not love @lizzo? pic.twitter.com/bPLZB3BZ1O

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) August 27, 2019

The video shows Lizzo dancing and twerking on stage with a massive inflatable prop in the likeness of a fat woman’s bottom in a bikini bobbing around behind her.

Many users on Twitter were quick to point out the awkwardness of a presidential candidate trying to appear trendy to woo young voters.

I like Kamala but these types of posts just… pic.twitter.com/S4Hj2nGcKB

— At the Direction of (@robertmiller18) August 27, 2019

We need leadership! We don’t need to hear about how down you are ? pic.twitter.com/W2OJswur2d

— Shawn Lon (@ShawnSTOM777) August 27, 2019

Others questioned why a supposed role model was promoting such crude imagery and degenerate behavior.

Is she dancing in front of a giant jiggling ass pic.twitter.com/lYQwIYABDD

— Quoth the Raven (@QTRResearch) August 27, 2019

Yep let’s keep the masses hypnotized by a big ass and background dancers.

— walk with me (@numb21937627) August 27, 2019

Joyful and powerful, with a gigantic ass on stage ?….ooookay,….

— Christina Garner (@CasadeC) August 27, 2019

Nobody believes that you really think this is promotion Worthy. And if you do think it’s worth promoting, I’m disenchanted immediately. And I can get down with just about anything. But not a giant twerking ass balloon. Of all the things you could promote, and this…?

— Cori Briggs (@Sofuggit2) August 27, 2019

Such a great role model

— Saladino for Congress (@JoeySalads) August 27, 2019

There is a girls BUTT in the background! How much lower class can you get? We need singers to deliver a classy message not classless. How can YOU like it? ( nice voice thats it)

— Gary Bam Dixon (@bamdixon) August 27, 2019


That’s not a good quality.

— Schug (@Schug5) August 27, 2019

No thanks. Not interested in “performers” dancing around with big a$$ in a thong props.

— Sallie Hicks (@salliehicks25) August 27, 2019


— ??Adam Alfonso ✝️?? (@AlfonsoAlmond) August 27, 2019

And…a giant balloon shaped like a butt behind her.

— Steve Watt (@SteveWa15674992) August 27, 2019

Harris’ approval ratings took a dive to 8%, or fourth place among the Democratic field, after Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii scorched her during the second Democratic presidential debate last month.

As we reported, the establishment frequently uses major music, fashion, and entertainment institutions to erode America’s social fabric with twisted imagery and messaging.

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The debauchery inherent in a godless ego-driven society like Hollywood and the degenerative culture pushed by popular media are purely responsible for the collapse of American culture.

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