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‘You Can’t Be President’: Joe Rogan Bashes Biden Over Cognitive Decline


#HellNoJoe and #WhereIsJoe also trending as voters pick up on gaffes and slip-ups by former VP

Top podcaster Joe Rogan laid into Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden over his slipping cognitive ability despite his recent Super Tuesday surge.

Rogan specifically cited a recent clip of Biden attempting to quote the Declaration of Independence during a rambling campaign speech earlier this week, referring to God as “the thing.”

“Stop. Pause. You can’t be President,” Rogan said. “Listen, we can’t play any games here, folks. This is a really old man who can’t talk…This should get you into a mental hospital.”

Here’s @joerogan correctly pointing out that @JoeBiden can’t be president in the state he’s in. pic.twitter.com/ldBtRz9NUW

— CIA (Coups Insurgencies Assassinations) ? (@KarlMarxJunior) March 6, 2020

As Joe surged ahead of the Democrat field on what he called “Super Thursday,” so too did criticism by the far-left of his mental faculties and policy positions.

On Saturday, #HellNoJoe trended on Twitter, resulting in a deluge of embarrassing clips and compilations circulating social media showing Biden stuttering, slipping, gaffing, and appearing to demonstrate bouts of dementia.


Stop sugar-coating it.

Joe Biden has Dementia.

He will lose to Trump. pic.twitter.com/Mfh5sWwhO2

— Pat the Berner? (@PatTheBerner) March 7, 2020

Joe Biden’s campaign will never survive the truth. Bernie and Trump need to run ads day and night about how Biden is not mentally fit to be President. #WhereIsJoe #HellNoJoe pic.twitter.com/Uya73iv8th

— Yarnie for Bernie ? (@TweetingYarnie) March 7, 2020

To beat Bernie, trump would have to lie and say “communist”

To beat Biden, Trump will just have to use Joe’s actual record and mental capacity. #HellNoJoe

— Socialist Boomer (@SocialistBoomer) March 7, 2020

Biden puts the Dem in Dementia. #HellNoJoe.

— Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) March 7, 2020

Joe Biden can’t win back the Midwest:

?Voted for NAFTA, destroying American manufacturing

?Supported the TPP

?Voted for the Iraq war

?Can’t attack Trump for trying to cut social security and Medicare (because Joe tried to cut them too)

?Has no grassroots support#HellNoJoe

— Harvard College Students for Bernie (@Harvard4Bernie) March 7, 2020

Additionally, #WhereIsJoe also trended after Biden spoke for only seven minutes during a rally in Missouri on Saturday, where he still managed to fumble words and accidentally let slip a possible endorsement by failed 2020 Democrat candidate Kamala Harris.

Obiden-Bama Democrat? ?#HellNoJoe https://t.co/Z1daINRdLd

— Aaron Mohammed (@AaronMohammed33) March 7, 2020

In probably his first appearance since Super Tuesday, Biden accidentally leaks the Kamala Harris will endorse him #WhereIsJoe #HellNoJoe pic.twitter.com/oBBChut690

— Eddy (@LebaneseJokerYT) March 7, 2020

The Michigan primary will take place on Tuesday, where Biden is polling at 29%, with socialist rival Bernie Sanders trailing at 23%.

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You won’t believe how mentally focused Biden was just 12 yrs ago. A look at Biden then & now clearly shows dementia. And a look at how old this field of candidates is compared to past Presidents?

Remember, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll need storable food, but WHEN!

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