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Your Social Justice Warrior Guide “To Challenge Bigoted Relatives” During The Holidays


Authored by Jennie Taer via SaraACarter.com,

Holiday season is not just about spending quality time with friends and family, now, according to Teen Vogue, it’s about confronting your “bigoted relatives”…

That’s right and not only that, but it’s also about breaking the “safe space” your white relatives have created to openly discuss “racist, transphobic, queer antagonistic, mysogynistic, and generally ugly ideas.”

In the magazine’s recent column, Jenn M. Jackson argues that its “our responsibility to challenge” our “bigoted relatives” this holiday season.

 “Some white people who see themselves as nonracist will just play nice instead of clapping back directly at these problematic family members. This year, consider doing something different,” Jackson argues.

Further, she says that although discriminatory laws have been deemed unconstitutional, white people are still quietly participating in acts of segregation. They continue to “isolate” themselves from nonwhite populations through “white flight” and comprise their social groups of only other white people.

“Neighborhood segregation means that many white Americans don’t see many nonwhite people as members of their communities, and certainly not as their next-door neighbors,” Jackson notes.

The holiday meal will be the social justice warrior’s ground zero for ending white privilege. It’s time to mobilize.

“Quietly forking away at your yams and green beans while Aunt Susan spews hateful messages about Black people, immigrants, or gender nonconforming people won’t do anything to change the status quo,” Jackson wrote.

“It’s just another way of allowing these toxic ideas and beliefs to permeate throughout generations and social networks every day. How about stepping up to do something about it?”

The legacy of Karl Marx’s ideas and how they’re relevant to the current political climate: https://t.co/G9L2xUhkk1

— Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue) June 24, 2019

Consistent with their latest column, the magazine published a glowing piece on Karl Marx earlier this year. They introduced him to readers, mostly young girls, as “the man, the meme, the legend” of communism.

Speaking to academic experts on the subject of Marxist theory, it was clear that Teen Vogue hoped to inspire the next proletariat overthrow of the bourgeoisie class.